Taharas Mishpacha (Family Purity)

For more information on the laws and concepts of Taharas Mishpacha, here are some English books that we recommend:

  • The Laws of Niddah (2 volumes) by Rabbi Binyomin Forst

This sefer begins with the basic rules and concepts underlying the laws. Rabbi Forst guides him through the halachic process so that he will know what is and what is not a problem, when he can rely on his own knowledge and when he must consult a qualified authority.



  • Halachos Of Niddah by Rabbi Shimon Eider

From a renowned halachic authority comes this vital guide, a staple for every Jewish home. This comprehensive, authoritative work outlines and explains the concepts and applications of family purity, in a clear, in-depth style.



Books for Women:

        • A Women’s Guide to the Laws of Niddah by Rabbi Binyomin Forst

Knowledge of the laws of niddah is absolutely essential for every married woman, and in this new book, Rabbi Forst performs an invaluable service. Unlike his previous works, this book is not geared for someone studying the subject in depth. Instead, it is tailored to the specific needs of women and contains several chapters that are particularly important for kallos. It is complete, yet not too technical, so that one will not be overwhelmed by the material. It is authoritative, but does not claim to replace the competent Rav. It will remove unnecessary doubt and insecurity from countless delicate family situations, and let conscientious people know what to do and when and how to ask.



  • The Secret of Jewish Femininity by Tehilla Abramov

The Secret of Jewish Femininity has become known as the bestseller when it comes to teaching the halachos of marriage to women. Sensitively written by acclaimed author Mrs. Tehilla Abramov, it provides the halachos and hashkafos of taharas hamishpachah in a most beautiful and appealing way.



        • A Woman’s Mitzvah by Meira Svirsky

An education in Jewish law and philosophy has always been both an obligation and a pleasure for Jewish women. ”A Woman’s Mitzvah” was written with both beginning and advanced ”students” of the Laws of Family Purity in mind. In addition, ”A Woman’s Mitzvah” was written to provide teachers of this subject with a well-sourced, readable guidebook.

Based on the lectures of Rav Yitzchak Berkovits, ”A Woman’s Mitzvah” provides a clear and pleasingly written explanation of the principles, details and practical application of the Laws of Family Purity. The reader will also find in the footnotes sources for each halacha (Jewish law) as well as much interesting background and historical information. Special attention has been given to distinguish between what is halacha, what is minhag (custom), and what is a chumrah (a stringency beyond the halachic requirement).


Books for Beginners:

  • Waters of Eden: The Mystery of the Mikvah by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan 

A uniquely insightful book on the concept of mikveh, it explodes the myths and prejudices of yesterday, and brilliantly presents the philosophical concepts. Find out the secret to the holy marriage of traditional Jewish people!





  • Total Immersion: A Mikvah Anthology by Rivkah Slonim

In this best-selling collection of almost fifty essays and stories about the mikvah (the Jewish ritual bath), women and men contribute their thoughts on this ancient Jewish tradition. The issues of mikvah and Jewish family purity are addressed from philosophic, psychological, mystical, legal, practical, historical and personal points of view.


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