Kitzur 72:14 – Order of Cutting Nails

יש מקפידין שלא ליטול את הצפרנים כסדרן אלא בדילוג, דהיינו בימין מתחילין באצבע הסמוך לאגודל, והסימן: ב ד א ג ה, ובשמאל מתחילין אצבע הרביעי והסימן: ד ב ה ג א.

Some are careful not to cut their nails in order, but by skipping.  That is, starting with the index finger of the right hand.  Thus, the order is…  On the left hand, they begin with the fourth finger, following the order…

 {The language of the Kitzur is a bit confusing. It seems to imply that the nails of the right hand should be cut first. However, it is clear in the Rema (Orach Chaim 260:1) and in the Shemiras Shabbos KeHilchoso (42:46 of the old ed.) that the nails of the left hand are to be cut first. On this basis, the following diagram demonstrates the recommended order with the left hand first.}

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