Quiz – Siman 104

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 104

How is someone able to disgrace chol hamoed?

How is one able to profane (מחלל) the chol hamoed?

May Yitzchak hire Yosef to water his Tunisian tomatoes (which would die without being watered every 3 days) during chol hamoed?

-Hard Question- Yitzchak's handmade oven has been slowly deteriorating over the past 4 weeks. An oven expert informed him weeks ago that the oven needs to be fixed immediately to prevent the oven from falling apart. During chol hamoed, Yitzchak realized that the oven would completely break down within two days. He also wanted to fix it in order to cook for the last days of yom tov (he ate cold food for the first days!). What should Yitzchak do?

May one cut their nails on chol hamoed?

May one hire jews on chol hamoed to do work after yom tov?

Jacob the farmer had a chicken sitting on an egg before yom tov, and during the second night of pesach the chicken ran away. Jacob cannot find the chicken but would like to place a different chicken on the egg to keep it warm. May he do so?

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