Quiz – Siman 108

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 108

Me'ikar hadin, when must the wheat for matzos be guarded from?

From when is the most ideal time to guard the wheat for the matzos?

If the kernels of wheat for matzos were split - would that pose an issue for shmura motzos?

Yitzchak arrived home one rainy day to find that the roof was leaking in several places on his shmura  wheat kernels! What must Yitzchak do?

The first wheat the comes out of the freshly cleaned mill...

If mice ate from a bag of dry flour...

A bag of flour became moistened. What is the din on flour which is dry enough to make it through a sieve?

How long after grinding flour should one wait before using it for matzah?

Why should one not stack many bags of flour on top of one another?

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