Quiz – Siman 163

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 163

What halacha do we learn from שארית ישראל לא יעשו עולה ולא ידברו כזב?

A very sick baby's 8th day of existence was on Tuesday. The doctor told the parents that he would become healthy on the following Shabbos. When should the parents make the bris?

How many on one's children must die from milah for him not be immediately obligated to give another son a bris?

Shprintza and Shaindy were sisters. Each of them had a son who died after having a bris. Shprintza had another baby boy. When should he get a bris?

If a baby boy was buried without a bris, do we exhume his body to give him a bris milah?

How many seudos mitzvah occur from the time a baby is born through the day of his bris?

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