Quiz – Siman 162

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 162

Which day of a kallah's counting clean days may she enter the mikva during the daytime (under pressing circumstances)?

Shaindel's mikvah night is motzei Shabbos. The mikvah was located in a very dangerous area of the neighborhood, and due to recent rioting it would not be safe for her to travel to the mikvah at night when the rioters were were active. The rioting was scheduled to end Sunday afternoon, so traveling to the mikvah on Sunday evening would be feasible. What should she do?

Sarahla is extremely short and needs to stand on a step during the tevilah process. May she?

Miriam's mikvah night was on monday, but she didn't go to the mikvah because her husband was out of town. Her husband returned home on Friday morning. May she go to the mikvah that night?

When, ideally,  should a woman be tovel?

If the first thing a woman sees  after exiting a mikvah is a Jewish passerby who accidentally saw her exit the mikvah,  what should she do?

May mikvaos be heated?

A woman may be tovel in a river....

Miriam lives very far from a mikvah. There's a river in her city which, only after a heavy rain, becomes filled with water from other rivers which flow into it. Without a heavy rain, the river dries up...

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