Quiz – Siman 141

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 141

Why do we fast on Taanis Esther?

When Purim occurs on Sunday, Taanis Esther is pushed to Thursday. If someone accidentally ate on Thursday (forgetting it was a fast day), what should he do? 

What is uusual about the kaddish shalem normally recited during Maariv, on Purim night?

Why do we give  3 half-Shekels before Purim?

Is a 13 year old boy obligated to give the half-shekel customarily given before Purim?

May one eat/drink before reading the Megillah at night?

Which b'rachos on the megillah are recited normally without a minyan?

How many times does one say the b'racha of "shehechiyanu" during Purim?

How should a congregant without his own kosher megillah be cautious in regards to hearing every word of the megillah? 

Why should the ba'al koreh raise his voice during "balailah hahu nid'dah shinas hamelech"?

Has a congreagtion fulfilled their mitzvah of megillah if the ba'al koreh read the word "yashav" - "he sat", as "yoshev" - "he sits"?

Which of the following is the most ideal to read megillah from?

If an onein heard the megillah before he was able to bury his relative, must he hear the megillah again after the relative has been buried?

May na onain drink wine and eat meat on Purim day?

If a bris occurs on Purim, when should it be done?

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