Quiz – Siman 135

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 135

Which of the following should/may one do in the sukkah?

If during the first night of sukkos it was raining until one finished his seudah at home, but did not yet recite birkas hamazon, what should one do?

If it was raining during the whole 1st night of sukkos, what should one do?

If it was raining the whole 2nd night of sukkos, what should one do?

During the first 2 days of sukkos,in what order should one recite the brachos of "leisheiv basukkah" and "shehechiyanu"?

For what must one eat in the sukkah?

If one was eating inside of his home because it was raining outside, and then it stops raining...

Yisrael learned the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, and made a "leisheiv Basukkah" during his breakfast. After breakfast, he went out to work, and returned home at 3pm for a nap. Does he have to make a bracha of "leisheiv basukkah" for the nap?

Yisrael was eating breakfast and made a "leisheiv basukkah". In the middle of his meal, his neighbor, Yaakov, asked him to visit his sukkah to enjoy some fresh cookies. Yisrael went to join Yaakov for some cookies. Does he have to make a "leisheiv basukkah" again?

Berel was inside of the local hospital's intensive care unit in critical condition. He hired Yisrael to assist him in his daily activities. Does Yisrael have to eat in the sukkah (A) When Berel doesn't need him at the moment, and (B) when Berel does need him?

Yisrael built his sukkah immediately off his dangerous street in St. Louis, instead of in his safe backyard. At night, Yisrael sleeps inside because he's too scared to sleep outside in his sukkah. When Yisrael eats in his sukkah for breakfast, should he make a "leisheiv basukkah"?

Yosef was traveling on a 2night journey to reach the city of Lezjansk. On his way, he needed to nap for an hour or two, and he knew he'd be passing a sukkah shortly. Is Yosef obligated to sleep in the sukkah?

Shmerel was on his way to Lublin to collect tzedakah for an orphan. He was staying in a motel that night, but knew that if he was to sleep in the sukkah he wouldn't sleep as well, and he'd be more tired the next day while collecting charity for the orphan. Shmerel..

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