Quiz – Siman 134

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 134

Why is it ideal to have a sukkah with a removable, waterproof roofing above the schach?

Ideally, one should not use a ladder...

One should not have his schach...

How wide must schach be in order to not have "dofen akumah" applied to it?

Jake built a sukkah under a tree and asked his rabbi to come check the kashrus of his sukkah. The rabbi told him that even though he had enough schach on the sukkah, the tree rendered his sukkah invalid. After the rabbi left, Jake cut down the tree and was ecstatic to use the sukkah. Little did Jake know that his sukkah was still invalid because....

During Sukkos, must keep a mezuzah in his sukkah which he uses all year long?

Yisrael had no space outside of his small apartment, so he built his sukkah in the city's public park - did he fulfill his mitzvah in the sukkah?

On what may one ideally stipulate to use during sukkos?

From when on erev sukkos should one not eat bread?

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