Quiz – Siman 133

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 133

May one touch food on Yom Kippur (to give it to children)?

Yaakov was feeling very hot on Yom Kippur, and wanted to wash his fingertips with cold water to "cool down". May he do so?

Ideally, when should kohanim wash their hands with a bracha?

Which of the following women may wash her face on Yom Kippur?

On Yom Kippur, may someone put oil on a pimple to help it go away?

From a halacha of which of the following do we learn that one should avoid situations which halachically require one to wash his hands?

Mrs. Gross was 7 months pregnant. During Yom Kippur, she told her friend, Sarah, that she really needed to eat some bread, otherwise her and the baby would be endangered. Even when Sarah tried to talk her out of it, Mrs. Gross continued insisting on eating bread.  Sarah noticed that Mrs. Gross looked completely healthy and normal. 

Upon seeing bread brought into the room, Shprintza began feeling extremely hungry for bread, and also continually insisted that she be fed bread, otherwise her life would be endangered. Sarah noticed that Shprintza also looked completely healthy.

What should Sarah do?

Berel had a grave illness and was in the hospital during Yom Kippur. Berel insisted that he must be given a hot bath on Yom Kippur, otherwise he may die. The doctors said that bathing would have no affect on his health. Should Berel be bathed?

To avoid the eating the shiur of receiving kares on Yom Kippur, how much should one eat before waiting a "kdai achilas p'ras"?

If during Birkas Hamazon, a sick person who ate on Yom Kippur which occurred on Shabbos forgot to say "ritzeih", what should he do?

If one had to eat on Yom Kippur, does he have to make kiddush?

If one payed attention to all the brachos said during davening in shul, how many brachos would he still have to make?

Why do we recite Yizkor during the last day of Pesach, Shavuos, and Sukkos?

When a bris milah occurs on Yom Kippur, what is a valid opinion(s) of what to do regarding using a cup of wine?

If the end of neilah was to be recited after the stars emerged after Yom Kippur, what should the chazzan recite for the last bracha of his repetition?

During Yom Kippur which occured on a Shabbos, if the chazzan concluded neilah after sunset but before the stars emerged, which of the following should done?

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