Quiz – Siman 119

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 119

What part(s) of the seder is a mitzvah exclusively for the night?

How much must one drink from each of the first 3 cups?

How much should one ideally drink from the fourth cup?

Should one recline while eating karpas?

How should one who only understands English read through the hagadah?

While reading the portion of the hagadah which describes the pesach, matzah, and marror, one should lift up the object being referred to at the word "zo/ze", except by:

During the seder which matzos does one hold while making the bracha of "hamotzi"?

During the seder, which matzos does one hold while making the bracha of "al achilas matzah"?

May a very weak person fulfill his obligation of eating matzah with matzah which was soaked in water for 24 hours?

How much marror must one eat during the seder?

How many olives' worth of matzah should one eat at the seder?

May one fulfill his obligation of drinking the four cups with "chemer medina" (like beer)?

If one usually makes birkas hamazon on a cup of wine, and by the seder he forgets to eat the afikoman, and only remembers after he drank the 3rd cup, what should he do?

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