Quiz – Siman 106

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 106

Baruch is a stockbroker. Before yom tov, he bought 500 shares in Microsoft for $7000. During chol hamoed, Baruch predicted that the Microsoft stock will devalue to a total of $6900 before the end of the 2nd days of yom tov. May Baruch sell his Microsoft stock during chol hamoed?

For years, Yosef has been desperately wanting to buy a rare eaglestone to complete his stone collection. During chol hamoed, a stone collector arrived from  a faraway country to sell his stones and had an eaglestone in his collection, being sold for the average price! May Yosef buy the eaglestone during chol hamoed?

May a Jew sell fruits to a goy on chol hamoed?

Spending profits of a given business transaction for kavod yom tov allows one to:

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