Quiz – Siman 78

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 078

May a kohen be called for maftir?

What should a kohen do if he was called for the 5th aliyah?

In a shul where no mishebeirach is said between aliyos, should the Torah be covered, or just rolled up?

If the ba'al korei on Shabbos read to the end of the parshah during the sixth aliyah, what should be done?

On a day where 3 sifrei torah are read and your shul only has 2 - from which Torah should the 3rd portion be read from?

On a day when 3 sifrei torah are read from, and a invalidation is discovered in the first sefer torah, from where should the first reading be read?

Who gets priority for an aliyah?

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