Quiz – Siman 77

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 077

Yitzchak davens an "early ma'ariv" during the week, and similarly davens early on Shabbos. May he make kiddush and eat as soon as he completes ma'ariv?

Which of the following is highest priority for kiddush wine?

How should kiddush be recited?

What should one look at while reciting kiddush

A woman who doesn't understand kiddush, and is hearing kiddush from her husband:

May a person make kiddush on wine which smells bad, but still tastes like wine?

Using some wine from Friday night's kiddush for Shabbos day is:

May one make kiddush on wine which contains honey?

If one makes  Friday night  kiddush on bread - should he cover the challos during kiddush?

How much should the mekadesh drink without a hefsek?

Does one fulfill his obligation of making a beracha achrona on the kiddush by saying birkas hamazon?

Ya'akovwas making kiddush on Friday night, and upon completing kiddush he realized that the cup was full of water. Ya'akov intended to drink wine sometime during his meal, but had no other wine on the table. What should he do?

Are women obligated in kiddush on Shabbos day?

May one make kiddush in one house with intention to eat in another house (for kiddush b'makom seudah)?

From when may one begin his 3rd meal on Shabbos?

May one fulfill his obligation for 3rd meal by eating fruit?

Is there an inyan of lechem mishna by a kiddush in shul (no bread)?

Which of the following is more ideal?

When should one set a time to learn on Shabbos day?

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