Quiz – Siman 75

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 075

Shabbos begins for an individual when:

Rav Huna said: "One who is רגיל in Shabbos candles will have children who are talmidei chachamim". What does רגיל mean in this context?

What segulah can a woman do to have children?

May one light fat for shabbos candles?

How long must one light each candle for?

Why shouldn't a woman make a berachah before lighting candles?

May a woman ever stipulate to accept shabbos after she lights candles?

In such a case - when should she make the berachah?

Who is obligated to light shabbos candles?

What should a woman do before lighting candles? (check all that apply)

May a man who does not stipulate that he is not intending to accept Shabbos upon lighting candles do melacha after lighting?

If the woman-of-the-house is sick in bed, what should be done for candle lighting?

What should a yeshiva bachur do if he dorms in a private room in someone's house?

In general, may one who lights with oil fill part of the oil cup with water (before Shabbos) so that it should extinguish the flame before reaching the bottom?

May a person place a bowl of water under a candle (before Shabbos) to extinguish any sparks that may shoot out of the candle on Shabbos?

A person placed a bowl under a candle to collect any dripping oil over Shabbos, but by Shabbos morning nothing dripped into it - may he use the bowl for salad for his Shabbos table?

Is a blind woman obligated in candle-lighting?

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