Quiz – Siman 73

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 073

From what words to we derive that a goy cannot do melacha for you on shabbos?

It's Friday, and a goy you know is taking a 5 day journey (arrival on Wednesday) for his own interests - may you ask him to bring a letter to one of your friends on Wednesday for free?

You own a field within the Jewish community. May you ask the same goy that does all your work to harvest your crops for you on shabbos for a portion of the crops?

May a person rent his field to a goy on shabbos?

If a goy (your neighbor) is in your home and wants to do melacha for you - must you actively object?

Your goy-friend owns the largest department store in the city. May you enter his store, take a shirt, and wear it  (all on shabbos) without discussing a price with him?

May you lend a shovel to a goy on erev shabbos in exchange for the goy to lend you his plow the next week?

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