Quiz – Siman 157

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 157

Sarah became a kallah, and had her wedding planned for the 20th of Shvat. She counted 7 clean days, went to the mikvah, and checked herself for blood ever day until her chuppah. On the day before her chuppah, her chosson became very sick and called off the wedding. A few days later though, he miraculously got better, and the wedding was rescheduled for the 25th of Shvat. Sarah has to....

Hinda was very excited to get married to her chosson, Yaakov. Under the lakeside chuppah, Yaakov's enemy, Esav, began making a ruckus and somehow convinced Hinda to marry him instead. Yaakov pushed Esav into the lake, and Hinda reverted to her previous decision to marry Yaakov. 

Yitzchak and Rivkah got divorced while Rivkah was 4 months pregnant. A few weeks later, Yitzchak remarried Rivkah....

It was both Avraham and Sarah's first time being married. After their first time being intimate, they noticed that Sarah didn't bleed at all. Is Sarah טמא?

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