Quiz – Siman 60

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 060

If one forgot to make the proper b'racha upon first seeing a new fruit blossom, how long does he have to make the b'racha? 

How long must one wait between repeating the b'racha on a "star with a tail of light"?

If one made a b'racha on lightning, and immediately upon completing the b'racha one heard thunder, what b'racha should one make on the thunder?

May one gaze at a rainbow, even for a short period of time?

What b'racha may be recited upon seeing Mount Everest?

What night of the week (in Jewish terms) must tkufas Nissan fall out on, in order to make a b'racha on it?

How often can one make a b'racha on tkufas Nissan?

What's more important- z'rizin makdimin l'mitzvos or b'rov am hadras melech?

What's the latest time one may make a b'racha on the sun with שם ומלכות?

Shimon had open miracles occur to him in two different places. When his grandchild passes one of those places, must he mention the other place in the b'racha?

What b'racha does one say upon seeing an outstanding Torah scholar?

Should one stop learning Torah to see a king's glory?

Does one make a b'racha upon seeing the graves of goyim?

When counting thirty days between sightings of the ברכות הראייה, how does one count?

Last week, Yehuda went to Zion Gate Cemetery and recited the appropriate b'racha. Today Yehuda is going to visit the Hebrew Memorial Cemetery - must he make the b'racha again?

Does one recite a b'racha upon seeing a very pale-skinned person?

Aharon is a very empathetic person. As he was talking in the park, he passed a war veteran who had his leg amputated, and felt very bad for him. Should Aharon recite a b'racha upon seeing this amputated veteran?

Which of the following does one not recite a b'racha on?

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