Quiz – Siman 59

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 059

What b'racha does one make upon hearing news which is good from him?

If one hears very bad news and very good news, must he make separate b'rachos? 

If water destroys a person's field, yet greatly fertilizes it for future plantings, what should one do?

When a baby boy is born - for whom (halachically) is his birth a "good tiding"?

If one's father dies, and his sons received a large inheritance, what should each son be m'varech?

Upon buying new clothes, when should one be m'varech?

Upon buying a new tallis, when does one make the b'racha of shehechiyanu?

If one is about to wear a new tallis which he has not yet made a shehechiyanu on, when should he make the b'racha?

What b'racha should be recites upon receiving a gift?

If a pauper buys a pair of shoes and is extremely happy about his purchase,must he be m'varech?

May one be mevarech his friend with "תבלה ותחדש" upon his buying a coat with a leopard fur interior?

Must one make a shehechiyanu on white figs after he has already eaten black figs this season?

Must one say shehechiyanu on fully fermented wine, made from a new season of grapes, in a case where one has not yet made a shehechiyanu on any grapes this season?

Does one make shehechiyanu on vegetables?

Avraham and Yitzchak have been best friends for 40 years. For the last year, Avraham has been on a business trip and has not seen Yitzchak, though they have been in touch by mail. Upon meeting, what b'racha do they make?

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