Quiz – Siman 116

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 116

How can one kasher a clay oven for Pesach?

How should a cup made of bone be kashered?

Shmuel owns a metal cup which was often used to hold barely soup. Shmuel's son was playing with the cup and carved a large hole deep into the wall of the cup. Shmuel afterwards covered the hole with a silver patch. How can the part of the cup under the patch be kashered for Pesach?

What is libbun chazak?

What is libbun kal?

If one has an empty bottle which still smells like whisky, how can it be kashered for Pesach?

How can a whisky barrel made of wooden boards connected by hoops be kashered?

Yitzchak has a wooden flour sifter which he finds very hard to clean from flour. How can it be kashered for Pesach?

How could a pot handle be kashered for Pesach?

How can one kasher an aluminum pan with a glass coating?

Adam wanted to kasher his favorite frying pan  by boiling it inside of his 12 liter pot. Which item should not have been used for chametz during the previous 24 hours?

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