Quiz – Siman 114

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 114

What's better: for one to destroy all one's chametz, or to sell it to a goy?

If a tenant of an apartment would like to sell his chametz to a goy by renting a part of his apartment "for the goy to use for general storage", should the tenant ask permission from his landlord (who lives next door)?

Reuven has a boat full of bread in the Atlantic Ocean, on it's way to Spain. Before pesach, the Reuven sold the chametz to a goy. Due to a tropical storm, the boat returned to shore, and the managers of the boat sent Reuven a message that they were about to ship all the bread to his front door. What should Reuven do?

May one arrange to sell  his cow to a goyover pesach so that the goy can feed it chametz?

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