Quiz – Siman 127

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 127

What should a person do when misfortune occurs to him?

In a situation where one's acceptance to fast was valid, could he retract his decision?

When should one accept a fast during Shmoneh Esrei?

How many additions does one say during Mincha of a private fast?

If during one's fast he was invited to join a Seudas Mitzvah, may he break his fast and fast a different day instead?

  • What is the ascending order of stringency (lenient - stringent)  in regards to three of forms of incurring a fast upon one's self which are discussed in the Kitzur?
  • (1) Accepting to fast on a certain day
  • (2) Accepting to fast in order to fulfill a previously promised amount of fasts
  • (3) Fasting due to a custom

Due to misfortune which befell him on the 15th of Tamuz, Yaakov Friedman promised to fast on the 15th of Tamuz in the following year. That year, Mrs. Friedman gave birth to a baby boy. The bris was to occur on the 15th of Tamuz. Since the baby had jaundice and the bris was to be postponed, Yaakov accepted to fast at mincha before the 15th. The next morning, the baby was better and the bris was to take place . What should Yaakov do?

Yaakov was giving his son a bris on one of the 15th of Tamuz. His good friend, Yisrael, was invited to the seudah. Yisrael promised to fast 4 times during Tamuz, and had already accepted his fast during mincha of the 14th of Tamuz. What should Yisrael do?

What is one obligated to do the day after having a very bad dream?

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