Quiz – Siman 137

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 137

Why is the whole bundle of the lulav, haddasim, and aravos colloquially referred to as "the lulav"?

If a righty shook the lulav and esrog while holdinf the esrog in his right hand and the lulav in the left, what should he do?

When one shakes his lulav behind him, what is the proper practice?

What is the valid way to shake the lulav downwards?

On Yom Tov, Dovid realized his lulav was drying out. What may he do to help keep it moist?

One may smell his esrog on:

It was the first day of Sukkos. Shmuel was still fast asleep when his good neighbor, Shaul, knocked on his house door to ask to borrow his 4 species. His gracious wife kindly gave them to Shaul on condition that he gift them back when he's done using them. Shmuel did not know this transaction occurred but would have happily have given the 4 species to his friend as well. (1) Did Shaul fulfill his obligation? (2)Can Shmuel fulfill his obligation with these 4 species?

In what side of the shul what the bimah traditionally placed according to the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch?

How many ´╗┐sifrei torah ´╗┐are removed from the aron for hakafos on Hoshana Rabbah?

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