Quiz – Siman 124

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 124

Between each chapter of Eichah:

What is omitted during Tisha B'av Shacharis?

May a mourner read the haftorah on Tisha B'av?

May one recite the chapter of "Eizehu Mekoman" on Tisha B'av?

May one directly wash his eyes with water upon waking up on Tisha B'av morning?

Yaakov has a business meeting which, if it goes badly, could cost him over a million Rubels. To reach the meeting, Yaakov must wade through a river. May travel to his meeting and return home on Tisha B'av?

Which of the following people may wear leather shoes on Tisha B'av?

May one smoke on Tisha B'av?

Milking cows on Tisha B'av should ideally:

If a bris milah occurs on Tisha B'av, what should be done regarding the cup of wine?

What should be done regarding Kiddush Levana around Tisha B'av?

Nowadays, is it considered "praiseworthy" for one to fast until the afternoon of the 10th of Av?

May a woman who recently gave birth (and fasted) eat meat immediately after Tisha B'av?

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