Quiz – Siman 150

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 150

If a couple has intimate relations at night, and a candle from the next room lightens their room, they:

Until when may a couple have intimate relations in the presence of a child?

What should a man not do during intimate relations?

If there are seforim on a table in the room where a couple has intimate relations, what is the minimum that may be done for intimate relations to be permitted?

What is the "onah" for a worker who works in a different city?

Is it ideal for a man to intentionally take physical pleasure from intimate relations if his only purpose of having intimate relations is to fulfill his requirement to his wife?

May a person have intimate relations during a famine?

May a couple have intimate relations in someone else's home?

For medical reasons, intimate relations should not be done....

A couple should not have intimate relations when a baby is on the same bed as them...

Ideally, how long should a nursing woman wait after having intimate relations before nursing her baby?

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