Quiz – Siman 149

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 149

When should one fill the cup for the 7 b'rachos for birkas hamazon?

Shaindy and Yankle got married on Sunday before sunset. Due to severe hail and power outages, they had they're first wedding meal on Monday afternoon. Should all 7 b'rachos be recited during the meal?

During the 3rd meal after the wedding, Yankle and Shaindy invited friends of their's but all of them attended the wedding . What should be done for birkas hamazon?

Berel and Shprintza were both previously married, and got married before sunset on Sunday. Their wedding meal occurred that night long after sunset. What should be recited at birkas hamazon?

When does a previously married couple have all of the sheva b'rachos recited?

If a man remarries the women he previously divorced, what is done regarding the sheva b'rachos?

May a person stare at a kallah's jewlery?

What is the dedicated time span and the forgiveness allowance for rejoicing with one's wife for a first-time groom married to  a previously married woman?

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