Quiz – Siman 145

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 145

What is oldest one should be before getting married (assuming he's not worried about losing Torah-learning time)?

What is the mitzvah of P'ru Ur'vu?

If a couple had a boy and a girl, but they died - did they fulfill the mitzvah of P'ru ur'vu?

If a man does not think he can have more children, he should...

A woman should not remain single because...

May a person marry a good woman for her money?

Which relative is there a mitzvah to marry?

Bailah divorced on the first day of the year. On which day of the year may she remarry a different man?

How long must a pregnant woman wait until remarrying a different man?

Yankle was suspected of having intimate relations with Christina. May Yankle marry Christina after she had a totally kosher conversion?

Is it permissible for two sisters to get married on the same day?

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