Quiz – Siman 202

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In the following scenario, the kohen is under a roof which is overlapped by,yet lower than, the roof which is over a deceased. Does the kohen become tamei?

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '.'. . . . . . . . . .

DECEASED               KOHEN

In the following scenario, a "~" represents a window by which the deceased will be removed from the house, and a "*" represents a window by which the deceased will not be removed from the house. In the following scenario, there is a room between the kohen and the deceased, which has one window connecting it to the room which contains the deceased, another window (window 2) exiting the back of the room, and a third window (window 3) connecting it to the kohen's room.  Is the kohen tahor?


DECEASED         Room with 3 windows             Kohen

How far does a kohen have to distance himself from a deceased to remain tahor?

If a kohen is sleeping without clothes on, and someone in the room had died - what should be done?

Does a kohen become tamei from a non-Jew?

Can a tzaddik's grave make a kohen tamei?

May a pregnant wife of a Kohen enter a room in which someone has died?

May a kohen force a deceased's relatives to remove the deceased from outside of his room so that the kohen may exit his house?

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