Quiz – Siman 67

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 067

Which of the following is most ideal?

Is it permissible to make a neder?

Why should one accustom one's self to say "b'li neder" when agreeing to do everyday activities?

Is it ideal for a person to consistently build character through making nedarim?

If one mentally accepted upon himself to follow a certain praiseworthy practice forever, and after doing it once decided not to do it again, must he annul his "neder"? 

When is a boy obligated to fulfill nedarim?

How long does a husband have to be meifer his wife's neder?

Ya'akov doesn't like when his wife, Rachel, bakes banana cake. One day, he overhears Rachel swear never to make banana cake again. At first Ya'akov was very pleased with her neder, but later he realized that bananas are the only produce in town, and the only cake able to be made was banana cake. He therefore wanted to be meifer his wife's neder. May he?

Yitzchak's wife, Rivka, once made a sh'vua to never speak to Yitzchak again. Yitzchak was meifer this sh'vua immediately. A few years later, Yitzchak and Rivka divorced. May Rivka talk to Yitzchak now?

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