Quiz – Siman 196

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 196

Which of the following may an onain not do?

Yisrael was in America when his father passed away in Israel. Yisrael has a brother and sister in Israel who will be mourning and taking care of funeral preparations. May Yisrael recite "Birkas Hamazon"?

Which of the following are required for one to be considered an onain?

Yaakov's father passed away before Rosh Chodesh. On Rosh Chodesh, the morning began at 6AM, and nighttime begins at 6PM. Yaakov's father will be buried at 12:30PM. Which prayers should Yaakov say after his father is buried?

Yisrael's father passed away on Shabbos. At around 4PM, Yisrael began walking towards the outskirts of the techum in order to reach the chevra kadisha as soon as shabbos was over. Which of the following laws may Yisrael fulfill after 4PM?

Yaakov's father passed away on the 2nd day of Pesach. Yaakov wanted to wait until Chol Hamoed to begin planning the burial. Is Yaakov an onain now?

In a case where an onain also has to circumcise his son on the same morning, and there's not enough time for the father to fully participate in both, who should say the bracha on the bris mila?

If an some was an onain for a full 24 hours during sefiras haomer - what should he do regarding counting?

If someone's immediate relative passes away overnight without his knowing, when should he be informed?

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