Quiz – Siman 182

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 182

One may steal:

What may one withhold from an unknowing non-Jew?

One who desires someone else's property,  convinces its owner to sell it to him and then buys it has committed the following trangression:

Reuven stole Shimon's silver brick. Under what circumstance does Reuven not have to bring the brick back to Shimon?

May one accept as a collateral something which merely seems to be stolen?

May a husband sell his wife's jewelry without her permission?

If one merely suspects that an object is stolen by the way the seller carries himself, may he buy it?

May Reuven eat a string bean from Shimon's (his best friend) garden without his permission?

Some young orphans own an orchard. There is an apple tree along the fence. Apples often fall from the tree onto the soft grass underneath it. Most of the people passing the ground underneath the tree are Jewish. May one take an apple without asking the orchard owners?

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