Quiz – Siman 66

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 066

Reuven gave Shimon $100 to invest, on condition that that profits (and losses) be split equally between them. Why is this problematic?

What is the most fundamental aspect of investing which a heter iska is built on? [A classic investment is where the "investor" gives money to a "trader" to invest for a certain period of time.]

Is one obligated to add to the iska contract that if the investor's money is held beyond the end of the agreed investment term, the investment should be held by the same terms?

May the investor request a shtar chov from the trader for the amount agreed upon in the shtar iska?

Avraham is in dire need of money to pay his water bill. May he accept $50 from Yitzchak and write a heter iska that in one month Avraham will pay Yitzchak $75, meanwhile using the original $50 to pay the water bill? 

May Reuven give Shimon his cows to raise, on condition that the profits from the animal be split between them (without any other agreements or contracts)?

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