Quiz – Siman 181

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 181

For a claimant and defendant to make a compromise, they:

For which of the following defendants may a claimant use a non-Jewish court to carry out proper judgment?

Which of the following circumstances are necessary for one to use physical aggression to retrieve an on object which was stolen from him?

Reuven has one witness who saw Shimon steal his money. Reuven asked Levi to stand next to his witness while he testifies so that Shimon will think that he has two witnesses and be scared to go to court. If Levi did so, it would be...:

A single witness should testify for:

A witness may charge a fee for:

ואשר לא טוב עשה בתוך עמיו - To what does this pasuk refer to?

May a Jew testify in a secular court against another Jew if it will obligate the Jew money which he would not have been required to pay in a Jewish court?

Does a witness have to actually remember what he is testifying about?

Which of the following are גזרות הכתוב?

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