Quiz – Siman 185

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 185

Reuven lent Shimon a Chumash. Levi really wants to learn from that Chumash. Can Levi read from Revuen's Chumash without asking him?

Berel was working for Shmerel all day long, and finished work at 6PM. Shkiah that day was at 6:15PM, the next morning began at 6AM, followed by Shkiah at 6:16PM. By when must Shmerel pay Berel to not transgress the commandment to not withhold payments of a hired worker?

Yehuda hired Naftali to mow his lawn, but they didn't agree on an exact price yet. Upon completing mowing Yehuda's lawn, Naftali asked Yehuda for 5$ of payment...

May a regular teacher  teach a full day at school after staying up all night?

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