Quiz – Siman 161

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 161

Is wet eye discharge a chatziza?

Must a woman remove a dry scab from her skin if it hurts her to do so?

Is a piece of cloth placed inside of a wound, so deeply inside the skin that it can't be seen from the outside, a chatziza?

Miriam was in the Rosh Hashana spirit, so she poured a bottle of honey on her hands immediately before going into the mikva - Is she tahor?

Sarah cut her toe on her way into the mikva, and was tovel while her cut was still bleeding - Is she tahor?

If a woman's hands were dyed blue, can she still be tovel?

Sarah forgot to cut her nails before being tovel, and only noticed after she was already together with her husband. Does she have to be tovel again?

Sarah forgot to floss before going to mikva and, after being together with her husband, noticed she had some meat stuck between her teeth. Is she tahor?

Does a ring implanted inside of the uterus count as a chatziza?

What is required for a woman who went into the mikva with clenched fists to still be tahor?

If a woman didn't use the bathroom before entering the mikvah...

Which of the following prevent a woman from becoming tahor if she went to the mikva without removing them?

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