Quiz – Siman 160

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 160

Rivka's neighborhood mikva did not have a bathing or shower room, so Rivka did a complete chafifa at home. What should she do next?

Which of the following represents the correct prioritization of options for a woman who has to go to the mikva on Friday night, in order of most ideal to least ideal?

1. The woman should light candles without accepting shabbos yet, go to the mikva, do chafifa there, and then be tovel.

2. The woman should do chafifa earlier in the day, come home and light candles with a bracha, then go to the mikva to be tovel.

3. The woman should go to the mikva, and her husband should light candles at home.

If a woman lights candles on erev Shabbos without accepting Shabbos (in order to do chafifa before going into the mikva), should she make a bracha on the candles when she returns home?

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