Quiz – Siman 29

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 029

How should one perceive another who is richer than he?

Which of the following does not cause one to sin?

Is abstinence forbidden?

Which of the following is an improper practice?

If one lives in a community of evildoers, what should one do?

How does one fulfill the mitzvah of ובו תדבק?

If Reuven hurts Shimon, which causes Shimon to hate Reuven, what should Shimon do?

If Reuven hurts Shimon and the case cannot be brought to a court, may Shimon ask Hashem to punish Reuven?

Which one of the following is not necessary for one to rebuke his fellow?

May one embarrass another publicly?

May one hurt an orphan?

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