Quiz – Siman 28

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 028

Which one of the following is NOT a way of fulfilling one's mitzvah of writing a sefer torah?

If one is in a Shul when a sefer torah is being removed from the Aron Hakodesh and placed into a safe, how long must he stand for?

May one place Ksuvim on top of Nevi'im?

Under what circumstance may one urinate in front of seforim?

An elderly congregant kindly donated a sefer torah cover which she made out of a  blanket which she used in the Holocaust. May you use it in your shul?

May one use a sefer to block the sun from his eyes?

May one use a sefer as a placeholder in another sefer?

Is it permissible to use a sefer to hold up another sefer?

May one use a sefer to block the sun from learning out of another sefer?

May one place notepaper inside a sefer for storage?

May one use a sefer cover to cover a secular book?

What should one do in regards to a goy who is selling a sefer torah?

May one write secular text with ksav Ashuris?

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