Quiz – Siman 38

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 038

Does anyone permit buying bread from a non-Jewish baker because it tastes better than bread from a Jew?

If it is somewhat difficult to find bread from a Jew, what do we do?

How much must a Jew contribute to the baking of bread for it to be considered baked by a Jew?

If a Jew prepared a loaf of bread, and merely sent it to a non-Jew to be baked, what must be done in the baking process to allow the bread to be eaten by a Jew?

What is the primary criteria for something to be forbidden because of "bishulei nachri"?

If a non-Jewish maidservant in a Jewish home made a bread for herself, what is the law regarding the vessels she cooked with?

Ideally, may a Jew eat -on Shabbos- food cooked for him -on Shabbos- by a non-Jew?

Does ´╗┐bishulei nachri ´╗┐apply to foods which may uncomfortably be eaten raw?

May one regularly drink coffee made by a non-Jew?

Is a Jew allowed to drink milk which a non-Jewish maidservant milked from a cow in his backyard while he was not looking?

If a Jew supervises (from the time of milking) a non-Jewish cheese factory, may a Jew eat the cheese?

If one normally lives in an area which does not eat butter made by a non-Jew, and he travels to a city where the Jews do eat butter made by a non-Jew, what should he do?

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