Quiz – Siman 36

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 036

Which of the following is not necessary for soaking meat?

If one finds a bloody wound inside of a piece of meat, what must one do?

For approximately how long must one soak the meat for?

How may one wash meat if the meat is needed quickly?

Which of the following is not a way which one may make meat warmer before soaking it?

Which of the following is an attribute of proper kashering salt?

Meat should not be:

How long, ideally, should meat be salted for?

May one wash a vessel in which unsalted meat was placed, and use it for vegetables?

Which of the following are proper ways for one to salt a bone with marrow in it?

Should one cut open the lung before soaking it?

Which of the following should not be done to the liver before removing its blood?

How should the intestines be salted?

If one found a fully developed egg inside of a chicken, may one eat it with milk?

Is there a limit to how long meat may remain unsalted and still be permissible?

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