Quiz – Siman 35

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 035

How many egg-volumes of flour is obligated in challah?

Shimon is making matzah, and needs to take off challah. Shimon placed all his matzos is a wicker basket. 60 Beitzim of matzos are within the basket, 20 beitzim of matzos are stacked above the top of the basket (within its circumference), and 15 beitzim are partially sticking out from the holes in the sides of the basket. Shimon decided to cover all the matzos with a sheet to avoid halachic complications. From which matzos must Shimon take challah from?

Reuven enjoys making sourdough. After each batch, he removes a small amount of sourdough to use as a starter for his next batch. If Reuven's dough has exactly 43.2 beitzim before he removes his starter for the next batch, must he separate challah off of his current batch?

Ya'akov enjoys drinking tea with a sourdough flavor. If Ya'akov is making a batch of exactly 43.2 beitzim of sourdough, and would like to separate some to use in his tea, must he separate challah from this batch?

Shimon made exactly 43.2 beitzim of dough, and intends on frying 30 beitzim of that batch to coat shnitzel. The other 13.2 beitzim he will bake into a delicious challah. Must Shimon separate challah from this batch?

It's erev shabbos, and Mrs. Cohen is out shopping. Mr. Cohen just came home from work, and found a to-do list on the dining room table. The list stated that the kitchen needed to be mopped, and a batch of dough needed challah to be separated. Mr. Cohen knows that the bread will taste better if he separates challah now and sticks it in the oven. What should Mr. Cohen do?

If one forgot to take off challah on erev shabbos in chutz la'aretz, what is the halacha in regards to eating the bread on shabbos?

If one forgot to separate challah  (in chutz la'aretz) on erev shabbos, when shabbos falls out on erev pesach, what should one do to eat bread on shabbos?

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