Quiz – Siman 34

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 034

Is it forbidden to ignore a poor person requesting money?

Shimon's life expenses are 20$/day. Shimon is poor, and has nothing except 25$ which he invested in the stock market. Must Shimon give tzedakah?

What is the minimum amount of charity a city must supply a pauper who goes door to door to collect money?

What is the maximum amount of charity one may give before dying?

May a gabbai tzeddakah give precedence to his own family in regards to distributing charity?

You're taking a walk, and a pauper asks you for money. You happen to have a few dollars in your pocket. Is it an obligation for you to give the pauper money?

Naftali has enough money to pay for his children's Torah education. May he use his tzeddakah to pay for the tuition instead?

Asher pledged $50 to his shul's charity fund. When must he pay his pledge?

What is the highest level of charity?

Yitzchak just donated $50,000 to a local school. The school decided to place a dedication plaque up in its main lobby. To whom should Naftali request the dedication be attributed to?

If a Talmid Chacham is in need of money, which of the following is the most preferable thing for him to do?

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