Quiz – Siman 20

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 020

When the chazzan finishes his Shemoneh Esrei

The following apply to the repetition of Shemoneh Esrei

TRUE OR FALSE: If the chazzan began the next berachah before one said Amen to the previous berachah than one should no longer say Amen

During Kedushah

When the chazzan reaches מודים

TRUE OR FALSE: Bircas Kohanim is never said at Mincha.

TRUE OR FALSE: After each of the berachos of Bircas Kohanim one can say Amen or כן יהי רצון

After the chazzan finishes the Shemoneh Esrei

TRUE OR FALSE: If there are 10 men who are fasting the chazzan adds ענינו even if it is known that one of them will not complete the fast

TRUE OR FALSE: The chazzan adds ענינו before רפאנו

We do not repeat Shemoneh Esrei if

If the chazzan forgot יעלה ויבוא

If one does comes late and does not pray Shemoneh Esrei with the congregation

An individual who completes the berachah מחיה מתים during Shacharis

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