Quiz – Siman 9

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 009

TRUE OR FALSE: A tallis katan must be made out of wool

TRUE OR FALSE: A tallis katan must be white

Which of the following are true?

If the garment of a tallis is made of  linen may the tzitzis be made out of wool?

The hole through which the tzitzis strings are inserted

TRUE OR FALSE: If distance between the hole and the corner became less than the minimum measure because of the tightening of the knot of the tzitzis strings than the tallis is still kosher

TRUE OR FALSE: If the distance between the hole and the corner became less than the minimum measure because the hole tore slightly the tallis is still kosher

How should one fill the spaces between the 5 knots of the tzitzis?

The following must be 12 at least thumb-breadths

TRUE OR FALSE: The spaces between the knots should be the same length

TRUE OR FALSE: The distance from the 1st knot to the last knot should be 1/3 of the overall tzitzis tassel

TRUE OR FALSE: One must always check his tzitzis to determine if they are kosher before putting them on

One should check the following before putting on his tzitzis:

What should one do when putting on a טלית גדול?

How should one perform the עטיפה?

What should one do if he puts on his talis katan at night?

TRUE OR FALSE: One should not say a berachah on a tallis katan in the morning if he slept with it

One must say a new berachah the next time he puts on his tallis if

May one take the tallis of another person?

Should one who gets an עליה say a berachah if he borrows a tallis

One wearing a tallis made of silk

If two of the eight strands become severed are the tzitzis kosher?


TRUE OR FALSE: If one of the strings unraveled from its twisted state than it is considered as if it has been severed and is no longer part of the string

If a tallis that has tzitzis already affixed to it was divided into 2 parts and then the pieces are reconnected by sewing, what should be done with the tzitzis to avoid the problem of תעשה ולא מן העשוי?

What is the din if the corner of a tallis was cut or torn?

TRUE OR FALSE: In the area of the garment upon which the tzitzis tassel may be hung one should not put any stitching with any with which it would be possible to make tzitzis strings for this garment

May one remove the tzitzis from a tallis and leave the tallis without tzitzis?

One may throw in the garbage

TRUE OR FALSE: It is proper to have pasul tzitzis as a bookmark

If one came to shul with a pasul tallis, may he keep it one

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