Quiz – Siman 6

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When reciting a berachah

One does not transgresses the prohibition of saying Hashem’s name in vain if

TRUE OR FALSE: As long as one does not curse with Hashem’s name or with a כינוי, he has not violated a prohibition

TRUE OR FALSE: One is allowed to say G-d should punish me

TRUE OR FALSE: You may not write the name of Hashem in a letter in any language

TRUE OR FALSE: A person should first kiss a sefer and then spit and not spit before kissing the sefer

If one said ברוך אתה השם אלקי he should say

If one says ברוך אתה השם and then he realizes he doesn’t need to say the berachah he should say

If one has a doubt if he said ____ he should repeat the berachah

TRUE OR FALSE: It is special to make 100 berachos each day but one is not obligated to do so.

On Shabbath one should complete the 100 berachos by

12) When one says Amen to the berachah of חונן הדעת he should have in mind

When one says Amen to Kaddish he should have in mind:

One should not say ברוך הוא וברוך שמו



An אמן חטופה is created

TRUE OR FALSE: One should say Amen as loud as possible

Does one say Amen if he finishes at the same time as the שליח צבור for

a) שומר עמו ישראל לעד

b) The blessing ofיהללוק after Hallel

e) ישתבח

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