Quiz – Siman 72

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 072

Which of the following does one who desecrates shabbos publicly not affect in any way?

Is it considered "publicly desecrating shabbos" if one's desecration was not seen - but was known- to ten jews?

May one go shopping for shabbos before davening?

Why should a person bake bread for shabbos in their own home? (Think carefully...)

Should a person who doesn't like fish, eat fish on shabbos?

Which of the following is not mentioned as being "lichavod shabbos"?

How long before shabbos should stores be closed by?

May one do work on erev shabbos after mincha ketanah?

May one plan to have a siyum and make a meal for it on Friday morning?

From when can one begin shnayim mikra?

Which of the following is it permitted to bathe with?

May one take a hair cut or cut his nails on rosh chodesh which falls on erev shabbos?

In what order should one cut his nails? (1 is the thumb, 5 is the pinky, R stands for right hand, L stand for left hand)

Should one who lives in a city of goyim wear shabbos clothes on shabbos?

May one ask a goy to remove a pot from coals, whereas some of the coals will inevitably move upon the pots removal?

If one placed a dish in an oven on erev shabbos with intention on leaving it in the oven to have hot food on shabbos, may he "check on" the food by opening the oven door and then closing it again?

What type of food may a person place (soon before shabbos) in an oven that is not sealed with mortar?

A person placed bake batter in an oven right before shabbos, and did not seal the oven with mortar - what is the law regarding eating the cake?

May one be matmin half of a pot in sand, and leave some airspace around the other half, while covering that airspace with blankets (so that the pot is completely contained, with an airspace in the containment)?

Must one check his pockets before shabbos in a place where there is an eiruv?

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