Quiz – Siman 5

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May one pray in front of uncovered urine from 2 urinations

 If there is צואה on one’s body is one allowed to daven?

TRUE OR FALSE: If one is not sure if there is צואה one can be lenient and utter דברי קדושה

TRUE OR FALSE: One must keep away from the צואה of an 8 day old baby

One must distance himself from

In order to say דברי קדושה one must distance himself from the צואה

TRUE OR FALSE: If צואה is found in a synagogue the chazzan may only continue if he is 4 amos from where the smell ends

If one found צואה or urine after saying Shemoneh Esrei ______

TRUE OR FALSE: If one found צואה after bentching and he negligently did not check the area then he must bentsch again

TRUE OR FALSE: If one passed gas than he may not say דברי קדושה except for Torah study

TRUE OR FALSE: One can say שלום עליכם in a bathhouse but it is better not to say it

Can one call someone named שלום by his name in a bathhouse?

TRUE OR FALSE: As long as one closes his eyes he can say דברי תורה in front of ערוה

A man may not

TRUE OR FALSE: If a man is only wearing a robe without a belt he is allowed to say דברי קדושה as long as he covers his ערוה

TRUE OR FALSE: One can be more lenient if the lavatory is enclosed by partitions and does not contain any unclean matter

TRUE OR FALSE: One must cover or remove a night pot used for going to the bathroom even if it is clean and has no bad odor

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