Quiz – Siman 100

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 100

Is there birkas kohanim on Yom Kippur?

Is there birkas kohanim on a yom tov that falls out on shabbos?

From what part of the pasuk do we learn that kohanim can count towards the minyan required for birkas kohanim?

Ma'ikar ha'din, if a kohen touches a "soiled spot" on his body and then washes for  birkas kohanim he should wash his hands with a bracha.

Whats is the priority list (from highest to lowest) for who should wash the kohen's hands?

If a kohen began washing his hands after the shliach tzibur began "ritzeh", he..

When kohanim complete their own tefillah in conjunction with the shliach tzibur's, so that the tzibur will respond amen to both brachos, should the kohanim themselves say amen?

In the local shul there is only one kohen, and he hates Bilam, a member of the tzibur. On Shabbos, he noticed Bilam in the kehilla before the shliach tzibur reached "ritzeh". Bilam insists on remaining in the shul. What should the kohen do?

Should the shliach tzibbur respond "amen" to the bracha of the kohanim?

The kohanim's hands should be....(Check all correct answers)

Who should cover their heads with a talis?

Are people behind the kohanim included in the bracha?

For how many words do the kohanim sway north and south?

May the psukim printed in our siddurim in birkas kohanim, be recited by a congregant while the kohanim recite the words of birkas kohanim?

During which yom tov(s) should the kohanim not begin the post-birkas-kohanim "ribbono shel olam" immediately after birkan kohanim?

How much of the congregation must have completed saying "amen" after the bracha of the kohanim before the shliach tzibur may continue the next part of the bracha?

If the shliach tzibur is a kohen, should he duchan (if other kohanim are present)?

If the shliach tzibur duchans, when should he say the "ribon ha'olamim"?

In a minyan of 13 kohanim, how many kohanim should duchan?

If a kohen which has already duchan'd once today enters another shul soon before they were to duchan, what should he do?

May someone with a lisp duchan?

May a kohen who killed someone by accident duchan?

Aharon's mother passed away 2 days ago. He's in a minyan where he's the only kohen. What should he do?

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