Quiz – Siman 99

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 099

What types of muktazah are, according to some, permitted on shabbos and forbidden on yom tov?

On yom tov, may Yaakov eat from the apples which he set aside to sell individually?

If an egg was born on the 1st day of yom tov which was also shabbos, the egg:

Is Rosh Hashana considered one long yom tov (as opposed to 2 separate yomim tovim)?

If Rosh Hashana fell out on Thursday and Friday, and an egg was born on Thursday, the egg may be eaten on:

One may use ash to cover excrement on yom tov (check all correct answers)...

Adam was eating pistachio nuts on yom tov. His dog, Andy, was barking to eat them. Instead of giving them to Andy, he threw them in the fire to cook his food. What Adam did was...

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