Quiz – Siman 98

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 098

Should one light a yahrzeit candle on yom tov?

In regards to skimming milk on yom tov:

Yitzchak would like to eat freshly ground horseradish for the pesach seder. He may:

May one chop a log of wood into pieces to light for cooking on yom tov?

Placing a pot over two stones (with the fire in between the stones) is an issur of:

Yitzchak had his special baker-quality bellow (mapuach) which he brought home to use on yom tov. He may:

Adam just bought a household bellow (mapuach) to bellow his fire on yom tov. He may:

One who was separating small stones from rice on yom tov may:

May one make approximate measurements for baking on yom tov?

Is kneading on a material that one does not normally knead on enough to be a sinuy for kneading yom tov?

May one separate (be mafrish)  challah on yom tov?

May one smear prepared cement on a hole in his oven on yom tov?

Yaaakov the farmer has a few chickens which walk outside on their own and always return home. Yaakov intended on eating the chickens on yom tov. He may:

Yaakov has a special breed of chicken which he uses only for its eggs. May he move it on yom tov?

If one had sewn a chicken for the purpose of stuffing it and then wishes to bake the chicken, he:

Adam has one fish in his pond which he intended on eating. May he use a vessel to catch the fish?

May Yisrael the butcher move a treif cow (just shechted!) to the fridge?

May Yisrael the butcher move a treif chicken (just shechted!) to the fridge?

Yisrael the butcher found a hold in a cow's lung (which deems it a treifah). May he now skin the cow to preserve it's skin?

Yaakov has some fresh meat which he shechted the day before yom tov and would like to salt it on yom tov:

May one bake a bread in the shape of bird on yom tov?

May one heat the bottom of a candle to fasten it to the candlestick on yom tov?

Adam's home was so cold, that even his warm-cooked meal was instantly losing it's heat. He may:

May one ask a non-Jew to heat up water to wash his healthy baby?

May one smoke on yom tov?

Yisrael has a really bad headache and it's the second day of yom tov. May Yisrael ask a goy to heat up a cup of tea for him?

Yisrael has a really bad headache and it's the second day of yom tov. May he take medication?

Yisrael is having guests for his yom tov meal and would like to bring lots of wine, in it's barrel, from rishus harabim to rishus hayachid for the meal. May he?

May one bake a delicious meal for his dog on yom tov?

May one bake a bread for his non-Jewish slave?

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